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Your top-quality pest control right here in the Coromandel Peninsula

If you’re sick of mice scurrying around in your ceilings, laying bait for ants that don’t get the message, or killing one fly only for 12 more to appear, it might be time to swap your fruitless DIY attempts for expert pest management solutions.

Cockroaches, ants, flies, wasps, fleas, bed bugs, spiders, birds, rodents … if it flies, crawls or weasels its way into places and spaces it’s not meant to be in, Peninsula Pest Services Ltd will kick it to the curb pronto.

Professional, prompt & proven pest control – every time

Established in 2012 and servicing the wider Coromandel Peninsula, the Peninsula Pest Services team gets rid of all those nasties that don’t belong in and around your home or workplace. 

We have proudly established a strong reputation for prompt, professional and proficient pest control with great results, every time. Using the latest extermination, control and prevention methods and equipment, our exterminators really know their stuff. Because the industry is always changing, we regularly attend industry training to maintain our certification and keep up with the latest in pest control developments and technology.

Just like no two clients are the same, no two pest invasions are the same. We customise pest control solutions – extermination, control and prevention – to suit our customers’ unique situations.

We understand that by the time you call us you’re probably getting desperate. That’s why we promise to arrive when we say we will and perform a thorough, efficient job while we’re on site. It doesn’t matter where you need pest services either. Commercial and public buildings, schools, early childhood centres, or private or rental residential properties … Wherever there are pests, you’ll find Peninsula Pest Services.

Cockroaches •  Ants •  Rats •  Mice •  Fleas •  Wasps •  Bed Bugs •  Stoats •  Flies •  Possums •  Birds •  Spiders

Say ‘no’ to pests.
Say ‘yes’ to clean, healthy homes and workplaces.

Fumigation solutions

To effectively manage and eradicate insects and other creepy crawlies like cockroaches, ants, flies, wasps, fleas, bed bugs and spiders, we use targeted insecticides and fumigations that are made right here in New Zealand and are approved by the Department of Conservation (DOC) and the Ministry of Primary Industries (MPI).

Bird & animal control

To manage unwanted birds, possums, stoats and other rodents, we use lockable and tamper-proof bait stations, trapping and other methods. Not only are these effective pest control solutions, they’re also safe for pets and humans.

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For advice, quotes, estimates or to book pest control services, please contact us on:

Office: 027 778 8836
Stephen: 027 778 8836 or Sharon: 027 887 7736

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